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venla huhtinen (1995) is a helsinki based artist and designer. she works both as an independent artist and as a part of the design collective studio nolla, that she was a part of forming. painting is a passion to venla and especially painting murals gives her a joy that she can't get from anywhere else. she is scared about heights but she enjoys overcoming her fears and climbing on scaffolding like a monkey. her handiwork is recognizable from hands that mysteriously adventure in different places. through art she reflects her own emotions but she also hopes to express through her work that everything doesn't always have to be so serious. 


2016 - 2020

furniture design

lahti institute of design & fine arts


work experience

2019 -

self-emplyed as an independent artist 

helsinki, finland

murals, oilpainting, illustrations & installations

2019 -

studio nolla

helsinki, finland

co-founder, co-owner, designer & artist

graphic design, package design & installations


estudio campana

sao paulo, brazil




artist residencies


arte sumapaz

san bernardo, cundinamarca, colombia

two-month residency

gouache painting & mural painting


villa karo

grand popo, benin, africa

two-month residency

painting with nature incredients

solo exhibitions

2023, Kaffa Roastery, Helsinki
2023, Out of the Box Gallery, Helsinki
2023, Iman ja Leena Safkaa -studio, Helsinki
2023, Round Punavuori Cafe, Helsinki
2023, Hesari 13, Helsinki
2023, Ravintola Rytmi, Helsinki
2022, Bar Kuka, Turku
2022, Asbestos Art Space, Helsinki
2022, Arte Sumapaz, San Bernardo, Colombia

group exhibitions

2024, Ihmemaa X, Purkutaide, Kerava
2023, Bo LKV Asuntomessut 2023, Loviisan Majakka, Loviisa
2023, Horizont Tornedalsskolan, Haaparanta, Sweden
2023, Horizont Röyttäntie, Tornio
2023, Lonnan Taidekesä 2023, Lonnan Keltainen Talo, Helsinki
2023, Wasa Graffitilandia, Vaasa
2023, Seinäjoki Graffitilandia, Seinäjoki

2022, Kuluma, Hirvitalo, Pispala Contemporary Art Center, Tampere
2021, Wasa Graffitilandia, Vaasa

2021, Glass of 2020, Artek 2nd Cycle, Helsinki
2021, Talo Nro 13, Tampereen Arkkitehtuuri ja Design Viikko, Tampere
2020, Generation2020, Amos Rex -artmuseum, Helsinki

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